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Carrdyke Federation

Two school, one family, Learning, Inspiring, Achieving

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Welcome to the Carrdyke Federation, a family of small schools in rural Lincolnshire. The schools are situated in the villages of Martin and Walcott about thirty minutes drive from Lincoln. Other nearby villages are Billinghay, Metheringham and Woodhall Spa.


Mrs Mary King's and Walcott were among the first schools in Lincolnshire to form a formal collaboration in 2004; at this point they worked as a partnership with two separate governing bodies. From 2011 they shared the same headteacher and in 2013 became a formal federation with a single governing body.


The staff work closely together and the schools share the same curriculum and subject leadership. In normal times children go on educational visits together and attend joint school sporting and social events.


Whilst the schools both retain their own unique character much of the school improvement work is shared for best value. For full details of each school please see their respective home pages.